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Things I Love

* Smiling * Weeping Willows * Babies & Furbabies * Toys * Music * Science * Friends * Learning * Nostalgia * Creating Happiness * Books * Orchids * Computers * Theatre * Cooking * Tuscany * Working * Smart People * Singing * NASA * Driving * India * Laughter * Chocolate * Running * Being Mimi * Snoopy * 1984 * Travel * Color * Games * Healthy Eating * Problem Solving * NYC * Pianos * Bailey’s * Shoes * Museums * Chocolate Martinis * Exercise * Faerie Queene * Dancing * Writing * My Husband *

10 thoughts on “About”

  1. Love this list.I have a picture of you in my mind now (but where is the cat?..Allergies?) I can go with most things there on that list – except orchids. Damn spindly parasites, can’t hold themselves up and no scent! They don’t seem to fit with Tuscany, Healthy Eating, Dancing, Chocolate or Weeping Willows – are you sure?!


    1. Hi Lisa! It’s so nice to hear from you!

      Sadly, the cat passed away (20 years old!) and we now have puppies (quite the adjustment, and still allergic LOL!).

      The orchids. Yes, the orchids. They don’t seem to fit at all, do they? I blame my husband. I have always liked the shape of orchids, not to mention the wide variety of colors, but I have a black thumb and can’t grow grass in my yard without a a professional landscaper coming by the house every week. True story.

      So my husband and I used to work together. A year or two before we ever started dating, when a coworker asked me to care for the orchid in her office while she was on vacation, I mentioned to him how brave she was and how I was sure that poor orchid would be dead before she returned. He gave me quite the complement saying he was quite certain I could do absolutely anything I ever set my mind to, including overcoming a black thumb or becoming CEO of our company. He has always been my biggest supporter. Long story fast forwarded, when we got married, white orchids were our flower – a symbol of how much faith he’d always had in me. He also surprised me with the actual potted orchid the florist got the bouquet orchids from so I could have them forever.

      So that’s why the orchids. 🙂 Thank you for asking, I’m really glad I had the chance to smile through the telling of that story!!

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      1. I love the fact that I had to google ‘black thumb’ to work out what this was all about! LOL – In the UK we use the term having ‘green fingers’ to denote someone really good at gardening but I failed to make the link and was cautiously wondering if you had a gangrenous appendage! Doh! It’s an obvious leap although I’ve never heard it before!
        So, the orchids. I get them now. Thank you for this lovely insight into how important a feature of your life they are. And I do blame the husband and obviously the climate you are in. We can’t stop the grass from growing without help and a machine just for the job.
        And I’m relieved that I might have guessed a bit about the rest of your personality just from this brilliant list! #Psychology 😀
        The cat allergy is such a shame but at least you’re an animal person. I was getting that vibe ❤️


  2. Hey Erika, nice to meet you. Love your intro 🙂 Thank you so much for following me and for visiting my blog, Lynne’s Recipe Trails. I really appreciate the support. I am excited to read more of your interesting blog. Take care and have a great weekend. x


  3. Hello Erika, I noticed that you are following my blog and I wanted to thank you for this. I hope you’ll find it useful. Let me know if I can help you with anything 🙂 and nice to meet you 🙂


    1. Hi Erika
      I wanted to inform you that I have moved my blog to my new website and will abandoned WordPress soon. However I would hate losing your support which is why I am contacting you to give you the website address to where you can keep follow me?
      here is the link to the subscription page of the website:http: //www.weddinganditaly.com/subscribe
      I will be keeping reading your posts which I always find entertaining as always 🙂
      I hope we can still be in touch 🙂


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