On Writing, Random Thoughts

Back in the Saddle

After a many-year sabbatical, I’ve decided to start blogging again. I went back and forth for a while, but as useful as personal journaling is for a writer, there’s nothing better than an audience to help exercise skills and to keep learning and growing. It has been a really long time, though. Curious, I looked back and discovered I’ve had this ErikaForPresident URL longer than I even realized. Turns out I started my first “real” blog circa mid 2004. I kept it up pretty steady until 2007 when things like MySpace and Facebook had grown enough in functionality and popularity that I decided to give them a try. MySpace lasted 55562_1605416465512_2447708_oabout a week, and I enjoy keeping up with friends and family on Facebook, but Facebook is much more personal than a blog so I keep mine locked down.

So here I am again. I look back at some of my old blog posts and laugh, like I do about most of my old writing. I’m sure I’ll look at this blog someday and laugh then, too. Luckily, I have no problems laughing at myself. Life is too short.

What do I want this blog to be about, anyway? I think, like my last blog, it will evolve over time. I’m sure I’ll write a lot about writing, and because one of my current writing projects is a book about Project Management and Agile, I’ll write a lot about those topics, too. As a reader, I appreciates a good book review and always turn to reviews to help me choose between all the billions of books out there. One of my New Years’ Resolutions was to write more, including actually completing book reviews of my own.

That’s a start, anyway. I’ll have lots of random thoughts I’ll share, I’m sure. I already have a long list of blog topics. One of the things I look forward to most is conversing with fellow bloggers. I get some of that on Twitter, but the character limit often forces us to DM, and if you tweet, you know how many junk DMs you get – conversations often get overlooked for days.

I hope you enjoy the evolution of ErikaForPresident. One of the topics at the top of the list? Why is my blog called ErikaForPresident?