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If You Find Me by Emily Murdoch #amreading #bookreview

If You Find MeIf You Find Me by Emily Murdoch

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This quick, easy read had me turning pages and staying up late to finish. Most characters are well-crafted, and while the protagonist’s mother seems overly stereotyped, a story told from a teenager’s POV makes this completely acceptable. I thought at first this novel might have ended up categorized as young adult simply because of the young protagonist (as, unfortunately, so many novels lately have tended to fall). As I read on, however, I felt myself wanting to go back and edit this book to encourage the author to rewrite it or an adult audience. The book *almost* makes there… and the places it doesn’t quite get there are SO easily identified. As a young adult novel, it ends up somewhere near a Flowers in the Attic-type of read -a bit too salacious for the teenage set, a bit under-written for more advanced readers. Not a bad read by any stretch (I couldn’t bring myself to give it 3 stars), it easily could have been better.

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Emotional Wound Entry: Being Stalked via writershelpingwriters.net #amwriting #writingtips

When you’re writing a character, it’s important to know why she is the way she is. Knowing her backstory is important to achieving this end, and one of the most impactful pieces of a character’s backstory is her emotional wound. This negative experience from the past is so intense that a character will go to great lengths to avoid experiencing that kind of pain and negative emotion again. As a result, certain behaviors, beliefs, and character traits will emerge…

Patrikk Nygren @ Creative Commons

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The Luckiest Woman Alive

In February 2006, a proposal writer started working at an engineering firm in Knoxville. In May 2006, an IT guy joined that same firm in Columbia. A few months later, the two found themselves in a ridiculous meeting where the IT and marketing departments argued about the “quality” of the printers.

imageThese two coworkers struck up a friendship that grew, strong and consistent, over the next few years. Eventually, these (now best) friends realized they were actually head over heels in love with each other. The rest, as the saying goes, is history.

imageBecause life is full of surprises, my husband decided to celebrate our 10 years of friendship with a vacation full of surprises. From a weekend at the Ritz to a morning at Mount Vernon. From a relaxing cruise on the river to a quiet afternoon writing blog post drafts and Yelp reviews sitting in a pedicure chair. The trip has been absolutely fantastic…and it’s not even over yet!! 💜

imageTomorrow we’ll wander around Washington, DC, one of our favorite places we’ve been visiting together for years. Friends, if I ever have had any advice worth anything, it’s this. Marry your best friend.

As I sit here posting some of the writings from this afternoon, listening as my best friend/husband falls asleep, I’m overcome with gratitude, as I’m clearly the luckiest woman alive.

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Emotional Wound Entry: Being Bullied via writershelpingwriters.net #amwriting #writingtips

When you’re writing a character, it’s important to know why she is the way she is. Knowing her backstory is important to achieving this end, and one of the most impactful pieces of a character’s backstory is her emotional wound. This negative experience from the past is so intense that a character will go to great lengths to avoid experiencing that kind of…

via Emotional Wound Entry: Being Bullied — WRITERS HELPING WRITERS®

Product Management

“Product management skills are coveted….in the long run great product management usually makes the difference between winning and losing.”

In Silicon Valley, software engineer is synonymous with eye-watering compensation. Monthly salaries for engineering interns (about $81,600 per year annualized) are about twice the median wage in the rest of the country. While the reality of high-paying coding jobs is not wrong, programming isn’t the only way to climb Silicon Valley’s career ladder, and it’s…

via The highest paid workers in Silicon Valley are not software engineers — Quartz

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Interview with Louisa – Marathoner, triathlete & mental health advocate

I love when people acknowledge the tie between physical and mental. When I can’t run for some reason or another, the first thing I notice is the change in my head space.

I follow Louisa on Instagram. http://instagram.com/louisaruns Check out her blog, too. https://louisaruns.wordpress.com

Marcus Runs

As part of my blog I (MM) believe it’s important to share common and similar experiences. With over 22k Instagram followers and acting as an advocate for the equality of physical and mental health. I’m so inspired by the work she is doing. I’d like to introduce you to Louisa (LE).

MB: In 2013 you started training for your first marathon, which was London 2014, what advice would you give other people attempting their first marathon?

LE: Yes it was London 2014. My main advice would be to set reasonable goals. I gave myself a year to change which I felt was beneficial as I didn’t put to much pressure on myself and was able to go at my own pace. At the beginning I could only run three/four miles non-stop so I definitely had my work cut out. But I set small goals, I made sure I started covering…

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Artist Ben Flint

I showed a friend some of Ben Flint‘s artwork and that friend wanted me to show another friend who showed it to… well, on and on. There’s a ton of interest because Ben is really good. Seriously.

Right now, Ben is working on a graphic novel series, but I think he could be convinced to fit in some cover art if any of my writer friends are interested. The series below represents some of his older work (circa 2009), but I really love how it depicts Mary Shelley’s (not Hollywood’s) Frankenstein.


frankenstein 2frankenstein 3frankenstein 4




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Pope Francis Says It’s Not Right to Identify Islam With Violence — TIME

(ABOARD THE PAPAL PLANE) — Pope Francis says he won’t describe Islam as “terrorist” since that’s “not fair and not true.” Francis was asked Sunday why he never uses the word “Islam” when denouncing extremists’ killings like that of an elderly French priest during Mass in France last week. He was speaking to reporters aboard…

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