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The Luckiest Woman Alive

In February 2006, a proposal writer started working at an engineering firm in Knoxville. In May 2006, an IT guy joined that same firm in Columbia. A few months later, the two found themselves in a ridiculous meeting where the IT and marketing departments argued about the “quality” of the printers.

imageThese two coworkers struck up a friendship that grew, strong and consistent, over the next few years. Eventually, these (now best) friends realized they were actually head over heels in love with each other. The rest, as the saying goes, is history.

imageBecause life is full of surprises, my husband decided to celebrate our 10 years of friendship with a vacation full of surprises. From a weekend at the Ritz to a morning at Mount Vernon. From a relaxing cruise on the river to a quiet afternoon writing blog post drafts and Yelp reviews sitting in a pedicure chair. The trip has been absolutely fantastic…and it’s not even over yet!! 💜

imageTomorrow we’ll wander around Washington, DC, one of our favorite places we’ve been visiting together for years. Friends, if I ever have had any advice worth anything, it’s this. Marry your best friend.

As I sit here posting some of the writings from this afternoon, listening as my best friend/husband falls asleep, I’m overcome with gratitude, as I’m clearly the luckiest woman alive.