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Are you a Highly Emotionally Intelligent person?

Emotional intelligence – by far the number one trait I look for when hiring employees.


  1. You have a robust emotional vocabulary

All people experience emotions, but it is a select few who can accurately identify them as they occur. Our research shows that only 36 per cent of people can do this, which is problematic because unlabeled emotions often go misunderstood, which leads to irrational choices and counterproductive actions.

People with high EQs master their emotions because they understand them, and they use an extensive vocabulary of feelings to do so. While many people might describe themselves as simply feeling “bad,” emotionally intelligent people can pinpoint whether they feel “irritable,” “frustrated,” “downtrodden,” or “anxious.” The more specific your word choice, the better insight you have into exactly how you are feeling, what caused it, and what you should do about it.

  1. You’re curious about people

It doesn’t matter if they’re introverted or extroverted, emotionally intelligent people are curious about everyone around them. This curiosity is…

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1 thought on “Are you a Highly Emotionally Intelligent person?”

  1. A great post. I use to run training workshops to give the company an overview of Emotional Intelligence and the traits to look out for and was nice to see information like this in a blog.


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