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Blog Tips, Advice and Blogging Strategy – 4/7/16

I cannot even imagine doing this to someone. Wow. smh

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I received an email last Saturday that didn’t sit well with me at first, but I have taken several days to process the criticism.  So today I am going to write about emailing other bloggers and what I consider appropriate.

To begin, the email criticized me on two levels: writing syntax and my casual tone (notably my use of “lol”), especially in the light of considering myself an “expert in self- improvement/life skills.”  I spent several days thinking about the email and suffice it to say, the criticisms still are not sitting well, namely because I didn’t ask for them.  The criticism was volunteered which still baffles me and feels like someone calling only to tell me my dog is ugly and hanging up.

There are many ways to respond to criticism, but I choose two responses.  First, I always thank the person for taking the time to express their…

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